Foundational Movement for Balance and Mobility
Foundational Movement for Balance and Mobility

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This unique program from STABILIFE System to help you build strength in your body while safely supporting you with our Stabilizer so that you feel secure throughout the movements. Our goal is to help you build the foundations of movement with a focus on proprioception*, so that you are aware of where your body is in space, to help you feel stronger and more balanced when moving in your everyday life

We understand that everyone is starting at a different level and want to ensure that you feel comfortable with all the movements, so we do ask for you to go at your own pace. If you are not ready to move onto the standing exercises, please continue to work within your comfort zone with the seated exercises knowing that you are continuing to build strength and balance through these movements. The Stabilizer is there to help you progress to the next level when you are ready, and modifications are provided throughout the modules to help you.

We also understand that life happens and there may be days you are unable to work out, therefore we created the program to not follow an actual calendar structure so you aren’t missing any of the foundational movements if you miss a specific day. It is more important for you to follow the program progressing through each designated exercise module even if it takes you 60 days to complete all modules. 

We know that you will enjoy our program and build confidence in your balance and movement through practicing these exercises. Please note that many of these movement patterns are designed for you to build strength and mobility in specific areas and are not designed for perfection as a body in motion is ever changing.  

Welcome to the STABILIFE movement!

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*Your ability to know where you are at in space at any given moment

Foundational Footwork
o Basic movement of our feet will begin to build our bodies foundation so that we are more balanced and supported throughout the day. o Video Length: 00:18:53
Hand and Wrist Mobility
o You use your hands and wrists for so much in life, therefore you must work on keeping them strong and mobile. o Video Length: 00:18:48
Core Foundation
o Strengthen your core by using different movement and rotational patterns while staying seated. o Video length: 00:24:48
Seated Strength
o Awaken and build strength of the muscles in your legs while seated to prepare the body for movement. o Video length: 00:26:32
o Move all of your parts through their range of motion so that they begin to move more freely and easily. o Video length: 00:31:45
Standing Strength
o Build and strengthen the muscles in your legs while standing to prepare the body for movement. o Video length: 00:36:46
o Move the body through different positions while changing the position of your head and eyes to not only build the intrinsic muscles for balance but also through proprioception*. o Video length: 00:30:42
o We are breaking down walking movement through different gait pattern exercises to help build the foundation for more balanced movement. o Video length: 00:37:03
o Taking all of the building blocks from the previous workouts you will begin to move using what you have learned to create movement. o Video length: 00:27:48